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Line Dance Scripts

On this page you will find the dance scripts for our virtual and on-line classes.

Click on the link for the scripts.

On-line Class 1

Cowgirl Twist
Beginner dance by Bill Bader

Cowboy Strut
Beginner dance as adapted

Long Way Home Script
Beginner dance by Marie Sørensen

Black Coffee
Intermediate dance by Helen O’Malley

Whiskey Bridges
Beginner dance by Maddison Glover

Beginner dance by Patricia Stott

Everything that Giltters
Beginner dance by Liz

Online Class 2

Live Class Bluebird

Live Class Happy When I'm Dancing

Live Class Meet Me in the Islands

Live Class Piece of Cake

Live Class Toes Live Class Waltz Me to Heaven

Live Class World for Two

Online Class 3

Live Class Boom Boom Bang

Live Class Come Back My Love

Live Class Heart and Soul

Live Class Heart Body and Soul

Live Class I Close My Eyes

Live Class Rocket to the Sun

Live Class Senorita La La La

Online Class 4

Live Class ABBAcadabra

Live Class Let It Be

Live Class Lipstick Powder and Paint

Live Class New Country Cha

Live Class Senorita La La La

Live Class Shackles

Live Class Smokey Places

Live Class Wagon Wheel

Online Class 5

Live Class Bonapartes Retreat

Live Class Country As Can Be

Live Class Going Down Timber

Live Class Happy When I'm Dancing

Live Class I Think I Found Love

Live Class Shattered Dreams

Live Class Tennessee Waltz Surprise

Live Class Until the Dawn


Virtual class 1

Imitation Love
Absolute Beginner dance by Gary Lafferty

Can't Tell a Waltz from a Tango
Beginner dance by Audri R

Jo n Jo Tango
Beginner dance by Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Jo Thompson

Until the Dawn
Beginner dance by Gary Lafferty

Virtual Class 2

Mama Mia Why Me
Beginner dance by Lee Hamilton

Almost Tomorrow
Beginner dance by Margaret Swift

5678 beginner
Beginner dance by ‘Rodeo’ Ruth Lambden – this is one of the original party-type dances but everyone seems to do it a little differently! This video is by a Taiwanese line dance group, in a park, but well-danced so think you can just follow them and have fun!

Under the Sun
Beginner/Improver dance by Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu

Hello Dolly
Beginner dance by Lorraine Kurtela

Dream Boat
Improver dance by Robbie McGowan Hickie

Virtual Class 3

Virtual Class Cowgirl Twist
Beginner dance by Bill Bader

Virtual Class Do You Remember
Beginner dance by Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick

Virtual Class Galway Girls
Improver dance by Chris Hodgson

Virtual Class Mack the Knife
Improver dance by Rachael McEnaney

Virtual Class Peaches & Cream
Beginner dance by Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick

Virtual Class Stroll Along Cha Cha
Beginner dance by Rodeo Cowboys

Virtual Class This & That
Beginner dance by Gary Lafferty

Virtual Class 4

Virtual Class Cowboy Strut
Beginner dance – party version adapted from original by Liz Scholey

Virtual Class Witchcraft
Beginner dance by Lynne Martino

Virtual Class Love Me or Leave Me
Improver dance by Frank Trace

Virtual Class Heart of an Angel
Improver dance by William Brown
There are some high arm movements in this video which we don’t do, so don’t let that throw you, focus on their feet!

Virtual Class Imelda's Way
Improver dance by Adrian Churm

Virtual Class La Fiesta
Beginner dance by Andrew & Sheila Palmer and Simon Cox
You can replace the rolling grapevine shown in this video with a straight one (what we usually do!)

Virtual Class Come Dance With Me
Beginner/Improver dance by Jo Thompson Symanski

 Virtual Class 5

Virtual Class Chica Boom Boom
Beginner dance by Vikki Morris

Virtual Class Codigo
Beginner dance by Pat Stott

Virtual Class Baby Dream
Beginner dance by Teresa & Vera


Virtual Class 1000 Years or More
Beginner/Improver dance by Martin Ritchie

Virtual Class Enchantment
Improver/Intermediate dance by Jo Thompson

Virtual Class Tequila Boom Boom
Beginner dance by Jamie Barnfield

 Virtual Class Electric Slide
Beginner dance by Ric Silver 

Virtual Class 6

Virtual Class One Step Forward
Beginner dance by Betty Wilson and Charlotte Lucia

Virtual Class Long Way Home
Beginner dance by Marie Sorensen

Virtual Class Beautiful Meath
Beginner dance by Linda Eatwell, modified by Pink Cadillacs

Virtual Class Ribbon of Highway
Beginner/Improver dance by Neil Hale

Virtual Class Coastin'
Beginner dance by Ira Weisburd

Virtual Class County Line Cha Cha
Beginner dance (choreographer unknown)







Virtual Class Sweet Heaven





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