A Wedding Barn Dance, Line Dance and Disco

We are highly experienced at providing entertainment for weddings. We can advise you on how to make your wedding reception entertainment an outstanding success, including advice on arrangements at the venue, timings etc.

DanceOn entertainment for weddings.

Our PA is complete with CD player and unless you particularly want a DJ, you will not need a disco as well as our entertainers. We can provide general party music or up beat traditional music on CD for free dancing in addition to the called dances.

 Your first dance can be to CD or to the band and we can offer, for a small extra charge, a dance lesson so that you can impress family and friends with your first dance.
If you want music for the ceremony or before the reception, we may be able to help. Many of our musicians are classically trained and we can offer various ensembles from a lone piper to a string quartet.

We can offer a wide range of dances accessible for all your guests, including special dances for children.

Imagine your Wedding Dance:

Imagine you get to spend an evening with your guests, seeing them all enjoying themselves, seeing everyone getting a chance to mix with and meet each other. At the end of the evening you leave through a triumphal tunnel made by your guests, to the accompaniment of live music. How do you do all this? It’s simple, just hire us to arrange a wedding barn dance. A barn dance (also known as a ceilidh) is the ideal way to entertain your wedding guests and share in their enjoyment. We can start the evening off with a show dance, or we can show you in a couple of easy lessons how to be the centre of attention for the first dance, as you waltz around the floor.

Do you think your guests won’t get up to join the dancing? We know different, having organised a huge number of wedding dances. We’re out there on the floor with your guests, and we can always persuade the faintest of hearted to join us. We ask for no experience from the dancers, there are many easy dancers which are just right for first timers, and these dances attract all ages on to the dance floor.

So how much effort will it take for you to arrange all this. None whatsoever – we do it all for you. As well as providing the dancing, we can arrange entertainment during the day, from string quartets to jazz bands. We also know most of the likely wedding venues, so if you’re finding it hard to locate the perfect place for your wedding, we can help you with that too. Just talk to us and we’ll take that strain out of planning your arrangements for the perfect day.

Disco Add-on

Disco, line dancing, callers for entertainment at weddings.If you would like some disco dancing as well as a barn/line dance or ceilidh, we have high quality PA equipment and can bring some disco lighting. This will give you a disco add-on at a reasonable cost without having to pay for a separate DJ.

We have lots of playlists catering for most musical tastes, or you can bring you own music, the choice is yours.