Workshops for Schools

DanceOn can provide high quality dance workshops and classes to teachers for INSET, and to children either as part of the curriculum or an after school club and for Festivals. Dance Styles include:

  • Traditional English Dance, Morris Dance and Country Dancing,
  • Ceilidh Dances, (Scottish and Irish)
  • Line and Solo Dance, including solo Latin American,
  • American Hoe Downs, including Line and Square dances
  • Cuban Salsa

Border Morris, which is very energetic and exuberant, and Cowboy dances have proved very popular in engaging boys in dance activities.

We can tailor workshops to School requirements and link the dances to songs and games. All classes and workshops focus on creative input from participants while exploring the Traditions behind different dance forms. We are particularly committed to involving children in English dance traditions, different styles of Morris dance and English Country Dancing, including Morris as a performance dance.

All teaching is based on best dance and exercise practice; regular attendance at dance classes will significantly contribute to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Teachers Workshops

These focus on building confidence in dance and showing how to structure teaching for the various dance forms.

Childrens Workshops

  • Border Morris - Aimed at Key Stage 2 classes, this energetic dance style has proved very popular, especially when it comes to engaging boys in dance activities.
  • Dance and Physical Song - Especially developed for Key Stage 1 and young children, this workshop features a few simple dances and songs with actions.
  • Making Up Dances - Suitable for Key Stage 2 and above, this workshop focuses on creative input from children and helps to develop team working.
  • Cowboy and Other American Dances – Suitable for Key Stage 2, focussing on dance technique and basic choreography. If classes are attended on a regular basis, ISTD medal tests can be offered.

All the teachers have extended CRB clearance and full indemnity insurance.

The costs will depend on travelling time, but we are currently charging £60 per hour per teacher.

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